Mark S. Ball
Editor-in-Chief, Designer

Growing up in Northwest Ohio, Mark spent much of his time playing cards.  His favorite memories include playing Rummy 500 at the kitchen table, playing Kemps up at the city pool, and of course playing Euchre with his cousins.  He believes in the importance of preserving traditional card games as well as building upon them for new experiences.  Riffle Shuffle & Roll is a result of his love for the classic fifty two card deck and its potential for modern game design.  

Mark's Games
Nein Nine
Sichere Six

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Bram Tebbutt

Bram Tebbutt is a long time fan of card games. He grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada playing classics such as Euchre, President, 31 and Cribbage. He would spend many hours with his friends creating small video games, and this sparked his love for game design. After many failed attempts to learn to program, Bram started experimenting with card game design using traditional cards. Today, he enjoys spending time playing many card games with unique features and mechanisms. His favorite games are Euchre, Schnapsen, Skat and Cribbage. 

Bram's Games

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Andrew Walker

Andrew was born and raised in the Midwest, and he has enjoyed playing games with friends and family since he was old enough to hold a card. Some of his fondest memories are with family around a card table. Whether it was Rummy with Grandma, Cribbage with mom, King's Corner with Dad, or the annual Christmas game of Hearts, Andrew has always been passionate about spending time with family while showing off his competitive skills with a deck of cards. He started toying around with game design to add new and unique features to games he enjoyed. It became a pass-time, and he started to write down his ideas. He likes to learn new games to bring some variety to game night and get inspiration for future games of his own.

Andrew's Games
Alley Cat (Coming Soon)
Trump or Trick (Coming Soon)