Designed by Mark S. Ball


Goosed is a trick taking game for four players.  The game includes partnerships that can be different each round and a greed limit when collecting point cards.  Players try to capture as many point cards as possible without capturing all of them.


The deck for Goosed uses 28 cards from a standard 52 card deck.  Separate the A’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s and 7’s in each suit from the deck.  The rest of the cards are placed aside.

Two red chips are used to determine teams during the round.    


Cut the deck to determine who will be the first dealer.  The player who cuts the lowest card deals first.  For the following rounds, deal passes left.

Place the two red chips in the center of the table.

Each player is dealt seven cards.  The final card dealt to the dealer determines trump for the round.  That card should be dealt face up for all players to see.  After everyone has seen the trump card, the dealer may pick it up with the rest of their hand.



The player left of the dealer leads the first trick.  They may play any card from their hand. Play then passes left, and following players must follow suit if they can.  If they cannot follow suit, they may play any card.


The highest ranking card in the suit that is led or the highest ranking trump card wins the trick.


4’s are called Geese.  The first person who plays a 4 to the trick automatically becomes a Red Fox.  They collect and display the red chip to show that they are a Red Fox.  

The person who wins the trick and captures the 4 also becomes a Red Fox.  They take the other red chip and display it.  These two players are now on a team.  They are trying to earn as many points as possible without capturing all of the 4’s.

The other two players are White Foxes and are also on a team.

If the person who first plays a 4 also captures the trick, that player is a Lone Red Fox. The other three players are White Foxes.


The trick-winner collects the trick.  4’s are placed face up for everyone to see.  The rest of the cards are kept in a pile and cannot be looked at by any player.  Captured tricks should be kept staggered for easy counting during the scoring phase of the round.


The round ends once all of the tricks have been played.  At this point, it is time to tally up the score.


There are two categories for keeping score: Individual Points and Team Points


Each trick captured earns the trick-winner points.  Red Foxes earn 2 Individual Points for each trick they capture.  White Foxes earn 1 Individual Point for each trick they capture.


Teams earn points for the Geese they capture.  The 4 of Diamonds is worth 4 points.  All other 4’s are worth 2 points each.


If Team Red Fox captures all of the 4’s, they are goosed!  They do not earn any points for the round (including their Individual Points).  The same applies during a round with a Lone Red Fox.


For a quick game, play four rounds.  For a longer game, play eight rounds.

At the completion of the final round, the player with the most points wins.  If there is a tie, continue playing rounds until there is a winner.