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Welcome to Riffle Shuffle & Roll.  Here you will find a growing library of free games.  Download printable instructions, watch tutorial videos, and get playing!  Have questions or feedback?  Email riffleshuffleandroll@gmail.com, and Mark will be more than happy to help.

Rules for Clear the Dungeon Available

July 30, 2023

Clear the Dungeon is a solitaire game with roguelike elements that uses a standard deck of cards.  The rules and a how to play video are both available now.

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Pop! Now Available

July 11, 2023

Pop! is a trick-taking card game for two.  Players will have cards in hand as well as display cards that are visible to their opponent.  Players must manage wild jokers, jacks that jump rank, and a slew of unknown cards.  Bluff and bully your way to victory much faster with strategic use of the pop cube.

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